Photo: Carlos Mejino   

Photo: Carlos Mejino


Mario Cranks- Madrid 1992

A young photographer from Madrid who has demonstrated, since a young age, his passion for open spaces, adventure sports and adrenaline rushes. His experiences with a wide variety of activities in nature allowed him to become a professional photographer and videographer without any problems in precisely capturing perfect action shots. Practicing most of the sports he is documenting is giving him an innate advantage and ability to concentrate only on his work, without worrying about having to overcome difficulties.

With the fixed gear appearing in his life, he finally found a perfect combination of adrenaline, sport and photography inspiration. A lot of his work is related to fixed gear scenes in Madrid and around the globe, since it´s not only what he photographs, but also what he lives in.

Mario doesn't base all of his images purely on action. Every image has a meaning and forms a part of a larger story. Every project not only demonstrates an activity, but also transmits the feelings and emotions which are involved. Every epic finish has an epic start.