Shooting for: Endless

When Hugo told me about his idea of starting a cycling kits brand i got really impressed. It's not easy to start a business from zero as he wanted to. He showed me all the info and all the designs he was doing for some time ago and the only thing that came to my head was , "I want to be in there" . He offered me to start shooting the first line of cycling kits and i couldn't be more happy about that.


What make this really magical is how involved I am in this project. I´m really doing this just to help a friend and see how his project grows up .At the same time for me this is an opportunity to shoot cycling in another way, thinking about it like fashion and not like a sport. I´m happy to see how in each session i'm improving and feeling more comfortable with all this and that´s the biggest motivation i can have.

Hope you liked the shots!