The North Trip - Part 1

Trips usually are planned some weeks or months before. The place to go, where to sleep, what to do there, what to take...and more of this kind of questions should be solved before going to the place chosen.
But sometimes trips come spontaneously, A call from a friend. - Ey buddy i have some days for holidays, and i don´t wanna stay at home let´s go somewhere. - Yeah, let´s do it.

And the next day you are leaving, the bikes in the car, some clothes, some money and that´s it.
In this trip we took the way to the north of Spain. First we wanted to visit Picos de Europa one of the biggest mountain chains in Spain, and for sure one of the more vertical ones here. 4 hours later and after some breakfast in the road, we were at Pido. The place where we would spent at least 2 nights.

The weather literally sucked was rainy and foggy, and the forecast was not very good for the next day. We explore a bit the area and we took the lift of Fuente De that put you around 1500 m height in 2 min. The views from there... well there were no views, Fog and snow that was the only things we could see but anyway was fun to be there alone.

Shooting for: Northern Lights

Today i was shotting for Northern Lights Apparel, a brand from Galicia, Spain. This brand is desingned by  riders for riders. Based in the fixed gear culture their prints look agrassive and  fit perfectly with messengers and city rats. I was shooting and testing some of their new collection and i have to say that are really nice clothes for daily use.  If you want to see more stuff from them check,

Carlos riding through Gran vía wearing the new rain coat of NLA.

Carlos riding through Gran vía wearing the new rain coat of NLA.

Weekend Rides: Adri and Susana

It´s always nice to meet again your friends when you have been far away for some time. This couple always impressed me, they know how to enjoy their passion together, how to make of every simple day, the best day. It´s amazing to be able to meet this kind of people in life. Keep riding together guys! 


On the mountians: Climbing with Raul

This weekend Raul invited me for climbing on the mountains near to my village. I accepted at the moment. Was very long from the last time i went climbing and i really wanted to go again. Climbing is a great sport, it makes you be completly focus on what you are doing and your mind get completely clear from your worries. Also it gives you adrenaline and some moments of fear so psychologically it's quite hard and also physically. but when you finsih you feel awesomly relaxed and for some minutes its like nothing is really a problem anymore. Love that feeling.

My first Cx Race

Today I was at my first Cx race as a photographer. Im very happy with the results. The race took place in the east of Madrid in a town called Mejorada del Campo. The circuit had a very nice  forest part where i spent the race shooting the riders. I think is time to start taking this events more seriously and keep going to races like this one. ¡Cant wait for the mud!

Exploring the City

 Sometimes we take for granted the places we have around us. Our neighbourhood, our city, our country. We think we know everything just because we have been at many places. But if you think for a moment you will realize that there´s a whole world outside you don´t know anything about. Close to your house, few steps far from your  local shops or just behind your house. Go out and explore.



She loves to go out for a ride, climb to the top of the mountains, and rest there. She likes to stop and see the landscape around her, without being concerned about her average speed. she loves to go fast on the downhills, feeling every part of the road. Her goal is to enjoy, and delight her senses. Her aim is to put every ride in her memories.

Steff Gutovska



Was awesome to meet Lester from RIH SPORT in his workshop. Definetly a must, if you are around Amsterdam. 

Detail of a RIH frame.