Passion is out there


Last week during my trip to Malaga with my friend Cubino, Sergio took us to the awesome dirt jump zone of El Cable in Marbella.


Surrounded by Golf fields, and inside of an Eucalyptus forest the jumps there are just perfect. Everything there is perfectly shaped and once you are there, you feel like in one of that bike films full of pro riders. Was the first time i was in such an awesome place.

We were shooting with all the riders there some of them pros some others not. We spent the whole evening trying to catch every jump they were doing

I was mostly interested in the action in the beginning but after some time there i started to think about everything that was happening around me. Pros and locals together sharing tips and riding together, everyone helping each other, some others filming their friends, and also everyone cheering up in every trick landed.

Sergio Layos - 360 nose dive

Sergio Layos - 360 nose dive

It´s awesome to observe how sometimes the friendship and the good vibes are flowing around. How who you are, is not more important than how you are. It´s awesome to see that spirit of community in action, and feel how you are part of it in that moment.

I loved to see that guys putting passion in what they believe, building that jumps, taking care of them and sharing the place.

Hope to go back soon. .

Shooting for: Endless

When Hugo told me about his idea of starting a cycling kits brand i got really impressed. It's not easy to start a business from zero as he wanted to. He showed me all the info and all the designs he was doing for some time ago and the only thing that came to my head was , "I want to be in there" . He offered me to start shooting the first line of cycling kits and i couldn't be more happy about that.


What make this really magical is how involved I am in this project. I´m really doing this just to help a friend and see how his project grows up .At the same time for me this is an opportunity to shoot cycling in another way, thinking about it like fashion and not like a sport. I´m happy to see how in each session i'm improving and feeling more comfortable with all this and that´s the biggest motivation i can have.

Hope you liked the shots! 


From the streets to the Mud

We usually ride bikes in the streets, as our main way of transportation, and our main way of enjoying on weekends with friends. Fixed gear bikes, some square in the center, rides from point A to point B as fast as we can between traffic with some beers in between.

This year many of us get into Cyclocross, some are racing some are not. But we definetly love to ride together and enjoy every minute of the ride. 

For us riding in general is not about, training super hard, or about being the fastest. Is about friends, locations and experiences, If is not fun it doesn't worth.

We put all our skills together to shred the muddy trails, to jump over the bumps, and kill those berms in the route.

That´s what we love.