Keeping it simple

It seems that we live in a world where we are never happy with what we have. Looks like we are in a constant search of something better, in both, objects and persons. I´m not against improvement, but I belive that most of us just focus on what is not working around instead of taking the time to think what is not working inside us. 

It´s exactly the same with social connections. We are connected with everyone, but at the same time we feel more alone than ever. We try to find the perfect partner and the best friends just by matching everything, tastes, moods, and thoughts and we get scared with some pretty diferences that would make everyhting more real and beautiful. We get tired of our people easily and we look for changes, changes that go in the same way in a never ending loop. Instead of solving problems, we always go for a change trying to leave problems behind. We drop many people around the way who care about us. But who cares? Someone new will come.

My beloved sierra, summer breeze and sunset

My beloved sierra, summer breeze and sunset

Everytime I travel to places with little villages and humble people. I see people there living way more happily than most of the people who have "everything" in more developed places or cities. Yeah maybe they don´t have, the last smartphone, a ton of latest fashion clothes or that essential Netflix suscription but I see them happy with their life and grateful with what they have. Their animals, their family and a beautiful house to live in, usually surrounded by a nice landscape to look at, a huge space outside to think about life, and a nice bar or space to connect with their neighbours. 

I´m not a big fan of big cities but I live in one. Nevertheless I find happiness in any tiny village, specially in mine. I find happiness in the mountians, and those who really know me can assure this. And I find happiness in the most simple parts of life. A sunny day, a long hike, good food, some contact with animals, some sport or just watching a sunset can draw a huge smile in my face for hours. 

In my honest opinion I think most of us need to think more about ourselves in quiet places and without that annoying phone notifications. We need to find happiness before trying to show how "happy" we are to the world. We need to stop ignoring our thoughts just by scrolling down a screen all the time we feel "bored". We need to talk more, live more in the real world, and love more those who would cross the world for us. Because maybe there are millions of people out there, but you will never get to meet them all.

Keep life simple and enjoy it more. 

Silence and calm - Photo: Carlos Mejino

Silence and calm - Photo: Carlos Mejino

Experimenting the DarkSide

In November of the recently past year Pavi called me to do a quick trip to one of the most mistic places for Bouldering in Spain, Hoya Moros. The plan was to arrive to that spot over 2.000 meters high in the Central System, climb some boulders, spend the night there and coming back the next day after a full day of bouldering. 

Without doubt I said "Yes, Why not?". So couple of weeks later we were on our way to the beautiful town of Bejar in Salamanca, in the more than used Belmez Face van ready for an intense 24 hours trip. 

After doing all the shopping needed for spending all those hours up there we started climbing up that mountain with our full backpacks and the company of a marvelous sun in a stable day. 

After what seemed like a long hike we started to arrive to a kind of plateau were the terrain started to get flat and grassy and the black walls of "Los Hermanitos" showed us the way to "La Hoya" 

The landscape was something in between a desert and an alpine place and the distance was difficult to calculate due to tireness and those huge rocks everywhere. Simply amazing. 

After a quick recovery and some food Pavi got ready to hit his project. An 8A problem that could be the first one in his life. Conditions were perfect, everything was on shadow, the silence was extreme and we were alone up there. I got ready to document all that and went a bit away to let Pavi focus on his bussines. And after 3 or 4 hits well rested in between he made it. He just sent his first fucking 8A in the most beautiful way I have ever seen. Step by step he did each move in the perfect way without doubts folowed by a deep breath that in that silence could be heard from far. In that moment I felt so proud of him and also proud of myself for being able to be the only witness of all that.

Pavi sending his first 8A (Uandrea Sit)

Pavi sending his first 8A (Uandrea Sit)

We spent the rest of the evening in a more relaxed way hitting some problems and shooting till night came in. We got a long but not extrem cold night surrounded by giant granite blocks and a starry sky only disrrupted by the imposing shadow of "Los Hermanitos" 


The day came out pretty late was almost 10 am and we couldn´t even see the sun over the rocky mountains around. But being in the North face of the mountain and almost in winter that wasn´t  a surprise. And for bouldering that means perfect conditions, dry and cold all day long. 

It was like all the Belmez Face philosophy about the DarkSide was there, where we were. In that place full of immense rocks covered with a green patina, all inmerse in the shadow produced by those enormous peaks that hidden La Hoya from all the winter sun. Making it unforgottable.